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5 different ways of wearing for wedding to look slim and tall

Every girls dream is to look beautiful, slim and most attractive bride on her wedding. She may have prettier friends than her, she may have slimmer sister and gorgeous mother, but it is the copy right of every woman to look the best than anyone on her own wedding. Women now a days have become modern, successful, independent and love themselves no matter if they are imperfect. But, when it comes to wedding day, even modern and anti tradition women want to come back to home. As in to come back to their tradition, all the women try and prefer Saree. From banarasi Saree to kanjivaram Saree, women rocks on their wedding.

The most curious thing about every would be bride is they have to look slim. Either they will work hard to make themselves slim or they need some strategies to make themselves look slim. Every time we wear Saree, we feel like drowning in an ocean of fabric. This is the natural problem to every woman. OK then, let’s face it, as running away from the problem is not the solution, today we have got 5 different ideas or 5 different ways to drape Saree in way that you will look flawlessly slim and undoubtedly tall. So, let’s scroll down and see how can you make yourself look slim and tall even in heavy Saree on your own wedding day.

Tuck and crease your Saree fittingly

When the plats for your Saree are not perfectly done, you automatically look a tat bit fat. If you are able to manage the plats, and style your pallu along with your creasing plats then be happy. As the battle of fighting back to looking slim is almost sort. After creasing your plats of Saree work with the pallu, if you want to leave your pallu loose, they do it well or just crease it exactly like your plats. Folding your pallu and tucking it smartly makes you look a little taller.

Choose fabric material wisely

It is your wedding, you cannot wear poly-chiffon or poly-crepe you have something heavy like banarasi and Kanjivaran Saree, so choose something light fabric but with heavy work Saree.

Length of the saree

Always choose not so concise and not so lengthy Saree. After all the length of the saree matters a lot, the more lengthy Saree you drape you more fat you look.Try to buy wedding wear Saree with in 5.5yards to 6yards and drape nicely so that the problem areas of your body get covered and the your beautiful assets will get to show up.

Choose the colour

Wearing a beautiful Saree on your wedding day and confused about the colour is not anything new, it’s natural. But, your marriage doesn’t limit the colours of your Saree to only red and pink. Breaking the stereotypes of traditional marriages, every woman should choose the colour of her wedding outfit by her own. Try to choose light or dark, bright of a little dull or whatever pleases you. Choose it with all your heart and you will definitely look a perfect beautiful bride draping the perfect Saree in her perfect way.

Tie it below or up

Tying up the saree is also the major factor.. Everyone wants to tie her Saree below her navel. Where for some this style goes with then and for some doesn’t. Suggestions for those who have already made themselves a little fit and looking forward to show up their navel go for it. And if you still think you have not loose pretty much weight and just want to flaunt a fake figure smartly, tie your wedding outfit right on your navel. This will help you the cover your problem areas and show the curves you want to.

So, all the to be brides out here scroll down and check out what is our pick. We have attached a few images of how to drape Saree, or how to look slim and tall in Saree, how to drape wedding day Saree and many all. We assure you this will help you to enhance your beauty and seize the attention of the everyone on your wedding not just because you are the bride also because you are looking flawlessly beautiful.

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