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How to wear a Saree in different ways in parties

India is country of unity or diversity; here people belong from different places and name one. When it comes to our tradition, we follow every tradition in multiple ways, similarly our women upholds the dignity of our Indian tradition in many ways. For example wear Saree not in any particularly way, buy more or less in 29 ways. Sometimes we take it for granted that yes we do have twenty nine states what’s new? The unique thing about India is every nation represents different culture, custom and when all of them unite, India forms. Today considering that unity and diversity we will tell you how to use it in your fashion. As fashion is not just following the trend, sometimes fashion could be just following your own tradition or trying different tradition from your own country.

There is not one, not two, not three but more than 10 ways to drape a Saree for party and occasion. Wearing Saree is something every woman has been following since decades and decades and decades. While resting at home or attending big conferences in office or in parties every one prefers to Saree. Yes most of the women in our country are not seen wearing Saree these days, for some or the other reason. But that doesn’t proof them non-traditional. Survey says still more than seventy percent women prefer to wear Saree in order to find comfort and fashion. This urge of women compelled us to bring this to you. Whenever we talk about draping beautifully a Saree, the first draping style is clicked to us is athpourey Saree, how Bengal women wear Saree. They now matter look flawlessly beautiful. It looks like a huge responsibility to wear a Saree as well as beautiful but it is not, the way Bengal women drape Saree the pallu enhances your look, it comes from back to front, both the side show the work of pallu and you look fulfilled.

Kappulu style of draping Saree is followed by women in Andhra Pradesh. There they start draping the saree from left to right which is absolutely opposite from modern way of wearing. It is also very elegantly draped and one looks as equally elegant. The plats tucked in front as well as at the back, the narrow plats at the back gives a different look and enhance the look from backside too. Maharashtrian way of draping Saree is also very liked by women. We have more different Saree draping ideas or different ways of how to wear Saree in parties. We all live in very socially active places, parties, weddings, get together happens in every week and when we don’t have anything to celebrate, we ourselves call people for weekend party. So, not every time you are going to wear the same Saree in same you, you can wear different Saree in different ways. So if you all are looking for how to drape Saree in best way, or what are the party hacks to flaunt your Saree style then you are on the right platform. Scroll down, read and see the pictures and shine in the next party you attend by learning how to drape a Saree in newly traditional and elegant way. You can also search for stylish and awesome collection of wedding wear sarees from Zaraafab in UK

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