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10 exclusive ways to style Kanjivaram saree

Whenever it comes to your wedding and then deciding a wedding Saree, every bride wants to get the get the best wedding organization as well as the best wedding outfit. Most if the woman wants to wear Saree, and when we talk about wedding wear Sarees, kanjivaram Saree click at first to our mind. As kanjivaram Saree is the most stylish Saree, elegant and well designed outfit for the wedding ceremony. But your kanjivaram Saree has to be draped elegantly, paired with the precise jewellery, and then you see the elegant appeal of a kanjivaram Saree is matchless. Also, a kanjivaram Saree is appreciative to have in the wedding trousseau of a bride. This long established as well as very traditional Saree is mostly, universally worn by brides in South India. Scroll down how to drape a kanjivaram saree elegantly, how to do it in numerous way, you can prefer and approach this Saree for your wedding day to look the best in your constituent. Try the tips we have given and this will definitely help you to stand out in a kanjivaram saree in your most important day.

If you think you are too stylish and wearing a kanjivaram saree in your wedding day is going to be a bad choice or way too boring for you, or it won’t fit with you, then let me tell you that kanjivaram saree is the most beautiful kind of Sarees among all the variety in Indian attire we have. It is not only worn by South India, but also brides from WestBengal and others go crazy to wear it. Also, your fashion doesn’t only depend upon what you are wearing, how you are wearing is also matters a lot. So, that is why we presents how to drape a kanjivaram saree in 10 different ways, that modern ways. Let’s watch for it.

Kanjivaram saree is never so light, it is bright, heavy worked and looks not less then like Sabyasachi Saree already. Try full sleeve plain blouse with backless, try to find color contrast well and drape your kanjivaram Saree in absolutely modern way.

You can wear printed kanjivaram silk blouse with your kanjivaram Saree and drape it in the same way, let your pallu fall on your left hand. So that the work of pallu could be shown too and imagine how you slay in your wedding outfit. Seedha pallu, draping style is actually established by Gujaratis, but the benefit of adopting it with any Saree is, if you are wearing a heavy Saree you got to show off, that is Main motto. Seedhapallu helps you the pallu to come in the front and show the real work of the saree, which also gives the look for your wedding completely.

In modern India style we take pallu from our right side of the waist, we embrace the saree and cover our assets, there is another very exotic way to drape the saree, just like you folded your pleats, fold your pallu and take it from your right thigh, and let it fall on your left shoulder. This helps you to show your figure completely and this again no less than an extraordinarily different way of draping Saree. One can wear it also like a lehenge, designed calls it lehenge Saree. This would be your same Saree but nobody would be able to figure out that it is. The pallu has to he taken like exactly you take a dupatta over your lehenge.

Wear it like your home. We have discussed almost every modern way to drape a Saree, lets imagine how you would look if you wear it, drape it in the typical South Indian way. Like how a kanjivaram is supposed to be worn. This is best among all, as wedding is mean coming to the home, and this will definitely give you the vibe of your wedding. Belt style draping way of kanjivaram is also chased by many, this also looks alike little traditional and the belt part gives you an indo western look. There is another very awesome way to drape your kanjivaram Saree is to drape it in a scarf style. The pallu has to come around from the neck and come back in the front. The upper part of your body will look like you are wearing something modern, a scarf and a top that too of kanjivaram silk and the lower part remains the same as usual looks like Saree. The last but not the least, the butterfly style of draping a kanjivaram saree. We all know the most famous thing about kanjivaram saree is its border and pallu. In this style the pallu will be folded in a different way, in a way that only the border and the work in pallu could highlight.

So that was our tips for you, of how to style and drape your kanjivaram Saree. Scroll it up and down see what you like the most, re think as this is for your wedding day, which is the most-most important day in your life. Be yourself, be perfect.

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